Welcome to AyoJam!


Welcome to AyoJam! Founded by Nigerian-born natural bodybuilder and guru personal trainer AyoDamola Akinyemi. The AyoJam system skillfully incorporates High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), African and Caribbean popular dance, meditation, spirituality, and nutrition to catapult participants into complete wellness.

AyoJam is much more than a new dance-fitness program or an assortment of products--it is Joy In Motion! AyoJam uses classic and exciting new popular rhythms from Africa and the Caribbean, carefully choreographed into a highly explosive, fun, rhythmic and easy to learn dance-fitness system. Through our AyoJam Fitness DVD, AyoJam University, AyoJam Warriors Training Camp, and AyoJam Elite Ambassadors- AyoJam is cultivating the next global movement of fitness and wellness!

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Ayo Fitness is a group of carefree wellness fans. We believe that our uplifting state-of-mind and positive environment empowers our members to dig deep and achieve their fitness goals. Our approach is engaging, non-judgmental and appeals to individuals from all ages and all fitness levels. 

The 'Ayo Experience' includes AyoJam classes, strength and conditioning classes, bootcamp programs, gym circuits, Crossfit, boxing, and many other fitness programs.

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