Good food choices that aren’t that good


Many individuals looking to improve their lives start an exercise program and immediately begin making some dietary changes. Some seemingly healthy common food choices can really sabotage our efforts here! This can become really frustrating and is probably why most people quit before getting any results. They were fooled and they didn’t even know it!


I find many people with good intentions tell me they switched from regular bread to whole grain or something similar. The world “whole grain” makes it sound like a good or healthy choice but the truth is it slows down your metabolism in so many ways. Regular bread and whole grains are mostly made from refined wheat, which is low in the essential nutrients. It leads to a rapid spike in blood sugar. Try to avoid them by all means. The best replacement for regular or whole wheat bread will be sprouted grain bread or Ezekiel bread. You will find it in the freezer section of your grocery store.

Low-fat Yogurt


Low fat is the word that draws you in for the kill, but unfortunately, most low-fat yogurts in supermarkets and grocery stores are bad for you. Yes, they might be low in fat, but they are loaded with substitutes like sweeteners or sugar to make up for the taste. Yogurt is generally healthy because of the probiotic bacteria in it, but often the process to make it “low-fat”, has the natural dairy fats removed and replaced. It is advisable to stick to regular or even full-fat yogurt that contains probiotic or active cultures or organic yogurt.

Fruit Juice


Many people see fruit juice, orange, apple or otherwise as healthy because of the pretty pictures of real fruits on the packaging.  Words like “50% less sugar “draw us in. This is a dangerous trick that wreaks havoc on the metabolism because of the amount of sugar in these drinks. The best solution to accompany any fitness regimen is to rely on man’s best friend--water. You can’t live without it. Simply add some fruit to your water to give it flavor.  Another option is also seltzer water. If you absolutely need to drink juice, then a juicer is the best option to make sure you are getting the juice with no added sugar. Juice is not the enemy- sugar and sweeteners like aspartame are the problem.

Making good choices means reading between the lines--don’t get duped by these labels like “low-fat”, “made with 50% less sugar”, or “wheat!”

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