3 Simple Yet Killer Glute Movements

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With the advent of the “Decade of the booty” we have pharmaceuticals racing to produce the ultimate “booty” pill.” Yea, right! Honestly, the truth about attaining the ultimate glute development comes through challenging work. Certain movements are superior to others. So, I’ll choose 3 killer movements that are easy to access in or outside the gym. These 3 movements don’t need any specialized equipment because they are functional everyday movements that we all do to some degree with different intensities.

Squats, deadlifts and lunges. That’s it. All simple body weight movements to achieve that perfect gluteus maximus.


There are various ways to squat. This is a nice basic movement that will improve your strength and mobility if you do it well. You can use your body weight for beginners and add weights / load  later on. Once u get In a  good rhythm on your squat game, it’s easy to progress and add weight.

Stand - Feet just wider than hip-width apart – we need to be wide enough to feel balanced but narrow enough to have room to actively drive our knees out wide on the way down. At the bottom of a good squat, you should feel like your hips are between your knees. 


#ILoveLunges!  We do lunges daily and never fully grasp the fundamentals and correct movement to fully maximize its benefits. Here’s a  quick tip  on how to execute a few good  lunges in your daily routines:

Start with short and controlled steps. Most beginners lose the benefits because they overstep and compromise their knees.


Deadlifts. Dead what what? It’s something you’ve been doing your entire life, from your grandma to your babies, we all execute these multiple times a day. Simple tip on this great glute toning movement is to engage your core as you do a deadlift.

Start by practicing a few repetition without and weights or resistance.

So in short guys, you want the perfect booty--it has to be earned, not given! Do your squats, lunges and deadlifts and enjoy having people watch you walk away!

Ayo Jam