AyoJam University: A holistic wellness system with a vision to educate, motivate and inspire.

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Hello Family,

It is with energy, joy and honor that we are presenting AyoJam University to the entire world. My Name is AyoDamola Akinyemi and I am the man behind this new wellness system. AyoJam University is a holistic wellness system with a vision to educate, motivate and inspire.

Having been in the fitness business all my life and running a fitness facility in New York State for the last 10 years, I am convinced more than ever that the body of fitness as we know it today is a narrow definition for what we are truly searching for. I believe there are many amazing fitness systems out there but none of them have been able to address a much larger yearning in all of us to connect with ourselves better - and also with our communities in a more cohesive way.

We have come to define fitness in terms of body image, as opposed to the larger picture of seeing our fitness in terms of mind, body and spirit connections. We have become focused on how we look at the expense of how we feel and interact with others.

AyoJam University was designed with the purpose of closing the divide by taking fitness enthusiasts from every level- elite to beginners- through a 6-week journey that sharpens their body, mind and spirit like nothing they’ve experienced before. The transformation that this program will help you undergo in the 6 weeks will take you on a journey of self-discovery. Topics like character, vision, focus, gratitude and true happiness and self-worth will be examined for each participant.

The AyoJam Curriculum is broken into 5 sections: all contributing to mind, body and spirit.

  1. Topic of the day- e.g. gratitude

  2. Meditation of the day- why meditation and how it works for everyone

  3. Nutrition- what are you putting in your body and what should you be eating for your goals

  4. Cardio workout- Afro-Caribbean dance choreographed exclusively for AyoJammers

  5. AyoPower- Exercise training and functional movements for strength, endurance and power

AyoJam University curriculum evolved from the need to find ways to integrate spiritual awakening, character building and physical fitness into one system. This system uniquely transforms individuals into a community of leaders that take the AyoJam tools they have learned and use them to make positive change by the example they set in their own lives. A stronger, healthier, physically fit community-minded individual by their presence inspires others to join the movement.

The goal of the 6 weeks of AyoJam University is to ensure that all individuals that undergo the curriculum develop a solid base of core skills and understand that “the process” must be in place in their lives to help maximize potential, live fearlessly and set their “joy in motion”.

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I believe most people understand that fitness alone is not able to address the very important questions we all have in life, such as: “Who am I”, “What is my purpose” and “Where am I going in life”? AyoJam University dissects topics like rich vs. poor, pain vs. ecstasy, fear vs. anxiety and enjoying the journey that is your life. The curriculum enables you to understand how these difficult questions can be used to challenge your own story and your own beliefs- yielding a stronger and more centered you that continually grows and improves. If you improve continually- those around you will too.

These topics and others are broken down into easy to use tools for everyday use that help develop your mind, body and spirit. You need very little equipment to perform the functional movements and well-choreographed rhythms- we do recommend the AyoGear and Hydra Glove exclusively made and developed for this program. The tools become second nature as you go about living your life effortlessly and with purpose. Every day you are thinking of the topic of the day, meditating, eating correctly, dancing for cardio (Afro- Caribbean choreography) and functional exercising for a purpose. You are becoming a bigger part of your community and it is becoming a bigger part of who you are. “UBUNTU”- a person is a person through other people.

I truly believe there is only one race - and that is the Human Race! Divisions and labels have never been more prevalent than in today’s society. It’s important to try to connect more with ourselves first, our communities next and then with our world as a whole. Change the world by changing yourself, those around you-community- and then it spreads- the world. Out of one come many is the belief that drives my passion. AyoJam University educates, motivates and inspires its students into life changing action and it does it in a community with the principles of UBUNTU. It is fun and presented with high energy.

Light shines brightest in the darkness. We are here to shine a light on the miseducation and misinformation that is prevalent out there through social media, fly-by-night trainers and snake-oil salesmen. AyoJam University is real. It is researched, tried and true. We have developed the curriculum through years of trial, error and improvement. Come join us on the journey to a new you. A journey of 10,000 miles starts with the first step. Take the step- you, your family, your community and the world will be happy you did. Stay tuned for sign-up dates.

Ayo Jam