Meditation: The Most Important 10 Minutes of Your Day

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With everyday advances in communication and technology, our lifestyles have become a virtual everyday information overload. As we strive to keep up with multiple platforms of information, through social media and smartphones, the overstimulation and need to stay connected ironically seems to leave us more isolated and disconnected from ourselves.

There is no turning back or lifting the amount of information or technology we are surrounded by, but there are tried and true simple steps that I indulge in on a daily basis that can help manage it. A lot depends on your lifestyle and when you wake up in the morning- so you may want to modify the time of day you seek quiet time. For me, I find that a nice shower and quick brushing of my teeth are important to wake me up and keep me fully alert. Once my morning ritual of brushing and showering are done, the most important time that I spend in the day is with myself. The solitude of having some ME time is truly priceless. I will advise you start with about 10 minutes and as you get into this routine, you can slowly increase the time as you wish.

The time I spend with myself early in the day before I approach the world and all the madness it can undoubtedly present helps me focus on who I am and what I am trying to accomplish. The long-term benefit from these short 10 minutes goes a long way towards refreshing and refocusing me. This style of “self-dating” is also a way to reinforce my self-worth because I’m expecting only myself to show up for this date! I’m guaranteed I'll never be stood up or rejected.

Basic Tips


Meditation is not as impossible to access, so here are a couple of basic tips:

  1. Choose a quiet location-, like an empty room for this alone time. I’ve been known to even lock myself in a bathroom, as quietness is very important to the process.
  2. Decide what’s comfortable for you- Sometimes my eyes are open and sometimes I shut them so I can stop my mind from racing and focus on my breathing. At times I like to sit on the floor or I sit on a comfortable chair, put my feet on the ground and my palms in my lap.
  3. Don’t get caught up in the specifics of the how. You don’t need to light a candle or burn some incense or get all yogi-ed out. The most important thing is to start and commit to it every day at the top of the morning when you’re feeling most calm and clear for the day.

I have personally found that those 10+ minutes of my day have a very powerful way of helping me let go of any stress that I might be harboring from the previous day. My alone time also helps improve my focus, attention and ability to work under pressure. Research shows that subjects who were able to meditate prior to stressful events end up better than those without meditation. Spend precious time, no matter how little, with yourself every day- you are worth it.

Ayo Jam