What is AyoJam and the JamFam?

AyoJam is a dance fitness wellness system created by AyoDamola Akinyemi which incoporates wellness, fitness, nutrition, and movement to the invigorating music and dance from Africa and the Caribbean.


How do I join AyoJam? Which level will I be in?

Anyone can join AyoJam at each of our four levels. The very first level is the JamFam: to join you buy the fitness DVD and Jam out at home. You keep connected to our online fitness community via social media. You can also join the Facebook group and follow us at home during our Facebook Live Classes. The next level the AyoJam University, which is geared for the student looking to make a deeper commitment during an 8 weeks to transform their wellness. Upon graduation, the AyoJammer can join our AyoWarrior Camp, a one-week in person intensive bootcamp that incorporates hands-on training, wellness, participation in the Ayo Fitness Hercules Challenge obstacle course race, and training as a AyoJam Fitness ambassador, which prepares you to take the AyoJam fitness experience into your local community as a facilitator. The final level is the training of AyoJam Elite Trainers, who are certified AyoJam fitness educators who can be hired to teach the AyoJam system around the world.


Do I need to have previous fitness or dance experience to be a part of AyoJam?

Not at all. The AyoJam experience was created for anyone who can move! We incrementally build your mobility, strength and endurance throughout the AyoJam University experience.


Do I need to believe in a particular religion to meditate?

No! AyoJam is a non-denominational community that believes in a higher power but we leave it to you to determine whether that’s relevant to your meditation practice. We practice meditation as a way to center ourselves and build our personal awareness. If you can breathe and find a quiet place to sit, you can meditate with us.


Do I need equipment or weights to work out at home?

Light dumbbells (5-10 lb. dumbbells for women and 15-20 lbs for men), and things around the house, like chairs, a yoga mat or a soft surface. The workouts will involve your own body weight and we will get you moving!


Are there additional costs associated with the nutrition component?

The AyoJam philosophy is that less is more. This will simplify your life and improve your health tremendously. We recommend a select assortment of foods that you will rely on throughout the course of your program. They are oatmeal, egg whites, broccoli, chicken or fish, quinoa and sweet potato. We recommend using almond milk and perhaps adding in an apple or peach daily if need be. Most importantly, we recommend a gallon of water with lime a day.